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  • Delivery time for Lunch – 11am to 1pm / Dinner – 6.30pm to 9pm.
  • No assurance can be given on any fixed time of delivery. As the logistic happens depending on the location customer lies within the delivery cycle.
  • The delivery of the meals to customer is not done by Jagannath’s Kitchen, and is outsourced to dabbawala Mama and other Private Logistics. Therefore, Jagannath’s Kitchen do not take any responsibility in delay of services.
  • Also, in a very rare situation, meals on the first day of the service might also be delayed and the delivery person might take a longer time to locate your delivery spot. So, the customer needs to co-ordinate with the delivery person/agent on the first day of the service.
  • If the meals are not delivered by 1 pm during Lunch and 9pm for Dinner, customer has to inform this to Jagannath’s Kitchen right away, so the necessary actions can be taken.
  • Deliveries will only be possible in the areas where the Dabbawala mama’s are operational.
  • Deliveries will be charged as per the Dabbawala Mama’s price rate. They operate on 1st to 30th date of the month basis.
  • Jagannath’s Kitchen will only be able to update customers on the dispatch of their meal.
  • Customers must take the number of the Dabbawala/ Logistic guy on the first day itself of the delivery to co-ordinate on the delivery of their meals in the future.


  • Customers must inform us for any cancellation or about pausing the meal service by 10pm a night before for Lunch and 2pm the same day for Dinner. Any cancellation after this cut off times will be charged to the customers.
  • Customer can’t return the meal in case they forgot to make the cancellation before the cut off time. We considered it sold if the meal is returned or if the customer is not available to receive the delivery of their meal.