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āyuḥ-sattva-balārogya- sukha-prīti-vivardhanāḥ- rasyāḥsnigdhāḥsthirāhṛdyā- āhārāḥsāttvika-priyāḥ. (BG – 17.8)

Foods dear to those in the mode of goodness increase the duration of life, purify one’s existence and give strength, health, happiness and satisfaction. Such foods are juicy, fatty, wholesome, and pleasing to the heart.

Jagannaths Kitchen



At a time where homely meals are available everywhere, we thought of something to get our customers more than just “maa-k-hath jaisa khana”. We needed our customers to have not just healthy nutritious food required for the body but also to have something on their plate that is fulfilling to their busy minds. Hence, we at Jagannath’s kitchen came up with this unique idea of serving the people of Mumbai the luscious, sweet-savoury, divine food coming straight from the modernized idyllic kitchen of Jagannath.

Jagannath’s kitchen is not just another tiffin service provider in Mumbai. We take care of every aspect of our meal right from our staff handling your food to the packaging to the delivery at your doorsteps. We at Jagannath’s kitchen make sure to offer our customers perfect contentment and peace of mind with our perennial satiety.

Jagannaths Kitchen


Restoring authenticity to food from the ground up is the missioin that drives us. Tiffin Service is the realization of a dream.